"Persuasive in the copy, informative in the content, are the kinds of words I choose"

Get your words written the way and at the time you want.

Establishing solid relationship with my clinets are one of my main goals

My Services

Content writing, blogging, SEO articles, B2B writing. And as a Marketing graduate, I can offer my help in writing sales pages, landing pages, and product descriptions as copywriting projects.

About Me

Othman Aldebs from Syria, currently based in Turkey-Istanbul. As a Marketing emphasized Business Administration graduate, reading, searching, and diving into several topics are taking a BIG part of my time since I clearly see how these features will make a huge impact on my future career. I started my freelance writing business in a pretty exciting way; I wrote my first article on a public transportation bus after a long day, typed down all the things floating in my mind, and then read it loudly, and I have to say how much it was relieving and felt good. Simply I fell in love with that piece of article. After sending it to friends and family. One of my friends said, " Yoo, you can get money for writing this kind of stuff ". Well!, here I am. An entrepreneurial mind would never ignore this kind of advice.

How I work

Good readers are able to evaluate the sentences they read, and define whether these words are delivering the info or not, I have read a lot and I think that I'm one of those good readers :). That's why, during my research, I always look for informative keywords that the reader can digest easily. I try my best to understand the provided details of the projects and work on them, keeping my eye on the clock to complete the task before the deadline to save the time of my clients and mine.

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read

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